My favorite artist contemplates Rothko’s No. 210/No. 211 (Orange). About the exhibit: See the Light: The Luminist Tradition in American Art. More about acquiring the Rothko.

Local News

The coffee was extra good for some reason today – maybe the preceding 9.5 hours of sleep helped. Gracie goes briefly to the vet for routine maintenance, I go pick up some newly-dry-mounted artwork at the bro-in-law’s frame shop, and we visit the neighbor who’s in the hospital (she’s just fine. Whew.). Then tonight to […]

A Quiet Night Walk

It’s just past 10:30 on Saturday night and I’m just back from walking Gracie. Early in the walk I was musing on the dinner party I’d gone to with Ellen and the folks we visited with, and the fact that when we came home we found that Gracie had chewed up the nozzle of a […]