About to leave to pick up my mother for her 80th birthday celebration. It’s a surprise, and my sister Janine has worked for a long while to make this happen. We’ve got a room reserved at Violette, a French restaurant well north of downtown Atlanta but still within the inner burbs. We’ll have about 70 […]

Recycled Racers Greyhound Care Manual

Recycled Racers, a greyhound adoption group in Colorado, has a great trove of information about greyhound adoption in their online Greyhound Care Manual. (It’s all about you, Gracie.) We’ve got the bed, brush, toy, raised food dish, leash, and soon will have the compostable poop pick-up bags. We’ll see if we need a gate for […]

Out With The Old

Saturday is one of two days a year that Decatur accepts just about any kind of electronics for recycling. We’ve got an old coffee maker that’s missing the carafe, a decrepit PC with a bad power supply, some old big batteries, cell phones, and some other odds and ends. Some of these things are toxic, […]

Gracie Says “Hi!”

Today we welcomed Gracie to the family. She’s a 5-year-old brindle greyhound who raced successfully for a long time in Florida and had her last race in January. The group that offers the dogs for adoption has lots of info, and screened us pretty well to make sure we’re committed to the needs of a […]

Help Wanted: Wolfman

Clark’s Trading Post needs a new Wolfman! Auditions are this weekend. The Union leader has a story here. I know Janine and Janne used to drive by Clark’s and scream “Free the bears!” and that Janine at least has taught her kids to do the same…. I found the link at Making Light, a website […]

Someone New

We are going to see if we can adopt a greyhound tomorrow. We’ve been talking about it for a few months now, ever since we saw some adoptable greyhounds one Saturday at a Petco. Ellen’s already spotted a few eligible dogs, to the right, which she found here. Ellen loves the idea that they mostly […]

Tim and Ellen!

A different Tim than me, of course. Ellen’s colleague from work, Tim Stewart, met us in Jonesborough Tennessee for a thumping good breakfast at the Blair-Moore House bed and breakfast, where Ellen and I stayed last night. Then we went to hear Sheila Kay Adams at the international Storytelling Center. (I’m on my phone now; […]