Best Southern Albums 2016 — THE BITTER SOUTHERNER

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Music, like food, gives us common ground. Political forces drove many of us apart this year. They brought to the surface issues that were long overdue for discussion. They left many Southern families torn by unspoken tensions, even over the Thanksgiving table. But when the needle drops onto a record, folks don’t care much about the color of the musician if the song shakes our asses or touches our hearts.

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A comedian’s confession: The more successful I became, the more I wanted to kill myself – Quartz

I grew up in an upper-middle class family without shouting or screaming or hitting. I didn’t realize until I was 40 years old that we were emotionally illiterate and that I didn’t even know I had spent most of my life sad, lonely, angry, and afraid. I just knew it felt good when I got drunk, that I hated seeing the sun come up, and when my wife talked I couldn’t wait for her to finish her sentences so I could go back to watching whatever crap was on television. I thought that was normal. I didn’t know how to communicate my emotions because I couldn’t name my emotions.

via A comedian’s confession: The more successful I became, the more I wanted to kill myself – Quartz.

Davide Barranca’s ‘Decomposing Sharpening’

Dan Margulis is The Man

I’ve been dabbling in the Dan Margulis’s Picture Postcard Workflow since serendipity landed me in Dan’s session at Photoshop World Boston in 2006. Dan’s methods and his teaching style are unique in their depth, usefulness, and results. They’re not easy to pick up casually, though. Davide Barranca posted this on
Dan’s Color Theory Yahoo Group, and I’m linking it here for my own reference as much as anything.

Actually I got carried away with it and wrote a four articles series (called Decomposing Sharpening) on that very topic on my blog. Not that all that bandwidth is required to understand what I’m doing – let’s say I’ve happily dug into the subject. A schematic index is as follows:

#1 Introduction
PPW Sharpening, Halo Maps, Blending Modes

#2 Mistakes
Why the obvious (Darken / Lighten, double Smart Filters) fails

#3 Workaround
Setup for RGB/CMYK images (Subtract adjustment layers, cascading blending modes)

#4 The Lab way
Setup for Lab images (Smart filters, visualizing Threshold, Blending mode boosters)