Cork Luke Skywalker

Champagne Cork Luke Skywalker

Champagne Cork Luke Skywalker.

*This* is a Neck Beard

Years in the making:


Cute animals to look at

Cute animals to look at | Grist.

Grist reminds us that we all need a break once in a while. Via PNH’s Sidelights. Here’s a sample picture, of a dog in a canoe, thanks to @Burghpunk:

A dog in a canoe. Thanks for the pic, @Burghpunk

Monster Trucks!

Tonight, the Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam, in the Georgia Dome:

The Champion: GRAVEDIGGER!!



All this time I thought I knew how to spell it.

Philosophy: An Argument


The Parent Company Trap

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The Parent Company Trap
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Great Halloween Costume

I have a nephew who shouldn’t see this until after Halloween.

Don Farmer is a Jerk

In case you didn’t already know.

A Lottery Winner’s Tale and WikiTravel

Wikitravel - Information about travel from travelers

Jason Kottke pointed to “this fascinating Reddit discussion, I won a $30 million lottery jackpot and have spent the last 5 years traveling the world. I find myself contemplating what I’d do with a fortune when I see the tens of millions in lottery prizes on the billboards around town. I try not to spend too much brain time on it; I haven’t bought a lottery ticket in years. There is some entertainment value in it, but it’s distracting as well, and even vicarious greed is greed and thus needs to be avoided.

The Reddit poster seems credible to me. If he’s a pretender, he’s good at it. I won’t comment on his values and choices, other than to say I appreciate that he’s not miserable as many lottery winners apparently become. I really appreciate his pointer to Wikitravel as an travel information resource:

Started as a beach traveler but became organized about it after I ran out of beaches. I tackle sections of continents at a time now. Wikitravel has all the information guides have for free.

“Ran out of beaches.” Oh, what problems to have! Anyway, I poked around Wikitravel, and looked at the page for Boulder, Colorado – Ellen and I are going there in October – and found some really good tips. Favorite!