Help Wanted: Wolfman

Clark’s Trading Post needs a new Wolfman! Auditions are this weekend. The Union leader has a story here. I know Janine and Janne used to drive by Clark’s and scream “Free the bears!” and that Janine at least has taught her kids to do the same…. I found the link at Making Light, a website […]

Tim and TMI

I sent Stefan “a link to David Foster Wallace’s introduction to the 2007 edition of Best American Essays. I have enjoyed his magazine pieces, and own two of his books, so I sent the link unread with a promise to him to come back to it later. Stef sent back a grumpy rant about the […]

Three Interesting Food Links

A Food Timline, which seems to have explanations for when what food was discovered/exploited/domesticated. Ivan Day’s Historic Food, with sections on several types of food throughout the ages, including this interesting and in places digestively dubious page on English puddings.

“We Face Follicular Armageddon”

Andrew Barnett, writing in a Beards thread in the Textdrive forums, called this his “near-favourite blog post evah: We Face Follicular Armageddon. Just hurry up and go read it, but don’t drink anything while you do.