Still testing

Has we got a pic? No: the LibXML2 Fix plugin needs to be activated too. One more test from the iPhone in a minute.

Two Point Seven

Installed the latest WordPress update but have had little chance to investigate. Had a permissions problem at my host but got it quickly settled. p>a href=””>img src=”” alt=”” width=”225” height=”300” class=”alignnone size-full wp-image-364” />/a>/p> ————Edit – above you see the mess left when I try to create a post including a photo uploaded from the … Read more

Pathetic Self Improvement Post

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In which I post to a particularly on-point post from Lifehacker about cleaning up my desk, which you see here, snapped from my phone. Part of cleaning things up begins this morning with backed-up posts I want to get on line, so that reduces the pathetic factor a little, I suppose.

Theme Blues

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I found the two-column version of the theme I use here, but it doesn’t work with this version of WordPress. I’d like to have just one sidebar… Stef was right, the second one clutters the space. It’s very difficult to find the theme I want…. That should be a hint to learn something and do … Read more