Plug Computers

Have you played with one of these $100 network attached storage servers? I just found out about them today. They’re “Plug computers”—a solid-state wall-wart-sized low-power-drawing Linux server; attach a Gigabit Ethernet connection to your router and a USB drive for storage, and you’ve got file sharing and media streaming on your home LAN and over […]

Do I Want an iPhone Wiki?

I really am trying to implement a working GTD system for myself, and a wiki seems potentially very valuable, as I have many different contexts but many of them are related. I would love a wiki I mirrored/synched across iPhone, Mac, and my web space. Probably asking for too much and I don’t have the […]

Out With The Old

Saturday is one of two days a year that Decatur accepts just about any kind of electronics for recycling. We’ve got an old coffee maker that’s missing the carafe, a decrepit PC with a bad power supply, some old big batteries, cell phones, and some other odds and ends. Some of these things are toxic, […]