Dabbling in jQuery

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One of several possible jQuery slideshow layouts. Click to see a larger image. Soon, when you click on this, it'll have a jQuery add-on so it won't have to load in another page.

I am going to install an automatic rotating photo header slide show on both my blogs with jQuery. (At some point.)

I found this tutorial for doing dynamic jQuery headers yesterday, and this morning my aggregator came up with this more basic tutorial. I’ve been playing with jQuery slide shows – here’s a sample.

To make them I used Jalbum, a free Java-based web photo slide-show app for PC and Mac to make those. I started with Flash slide show templates, but Flash is hateful. The jQuery versions don’t require a browser plug-in and “degrade gracefully” if the user’s Java is not enabled. I used DrMikey’s Lightbox2 for the album linked above.

13 April Update: Came across this article and thread about Including jQuery in WordPress The Right Way.