Plantations Were Slave Labor Camps

enslaved cotton workers


“Plantation” is a genteel euphemism for slave labor camp. Let’s change the history books to say so. Michael Todd Landis:

Why should we continue to employ wording that is biased, false, or laden with myth? Compromise, plantation, slave-owners, Union v. Confederacy, etc.: these phrases and many others obscure rather than illuminate; they serve the interests of traditionalists or white supremacists; they do not accurately reflect our current understanding of phenomena, thus they should be abandoned and replaced.

Via PNH’s Particles at Making Light.

Flatiron Rising: 1902 | Shorpy Historic Photo Archive

The Flatiron Building rises in Manhattan in 1902

Shorpy posts vintage photos, with good quality and detail. Make sure to click through and look closely at the full-sized image. This is wonderful. My maternal grandmother, whom I am so happy to say I came to know pretty well, was about 2 years old in 1902—though living in Paris at the time. Having known her gives me a less remote feeling of connection to historical scenes like this; a person I spoke with regularly, as an adult, was alive in this world of horses, hats, Victorian dresses, and nascent automobiles.