Timothy McSweeney’s Internet Tendency: McSweeney’s Recommends

I went googling for something or other and one of the links was to this. Timothy McSweeney’s Internet Tendency: McSweeney’s Recommends. I regained my sense of time after several minutes, and had only scrolled about a third of the page. This is a huge list of podcasts, books, movies, foods, music, experiences, and ideas. You’ll […]

Making Light’s Commonplaces

Commonplaces from Making Light. Please read them all. “We are prophets of a future not our own.” (Oscar Romero) “Peace means something different from ‘not fighting’. Those aren’t peace advocates, they’re ‘stop fighting’ advocates. Peace is an active and complex thing and sometimes fighting is part of what it takes to get it.” (Jo Walton) […]

On the Train

An interesting commute on the train this morning. Well down the platform from where I came up, a guy was yelling and cursing at someone I couldn’t see. He stopped after I think less than a minute. I felt a little anxious and hoped it wouldn’t be a fight, but nothing came of it. I […]

Tim and Ellen!

A different Tim than me, of course. Ellen’s colleague from work, Tim Stewart, met us in Jonesborough Tennessee for a thumping good breakfast at the Blair-Moore House bed and breakfast, where Ellen and I stayed last night. Then we went to hear Sheila Kay Adams at the international Storytelling Center. (I’m on my phone now; […]