On the Train

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An interesting commute on the train this morning. Well down the platform from where I came up, a guy was yelling and cursing at someone I couldn’t see. He stopped after I think less than a minute. I felt a little anxious and hoped it wouldn’t be a fight, but nothing came of it. I hoped he was just having a bad morning, but I also thought that he must have some real issues elsewhere in his life to make such a scene in a place like this. I’ve ridden the train almost every working day for ten years, and can count incidents like this on one hand. The guy, apparently calm now, eased toward my end of the platform and ended up on the same car I did, standing near a door though there were empty seats, reading a newspaper. I lost track of him as I read some news on my laptop. These aren't the folks I'm posting about; this was a crowded afternoon a few years ago. I just wanted to post a pic from my MARTA commutes to go with this post. As the ride progressed, In the seats ahead of me two people realized they’d been neighbors for years, knew people in common, and had a small old-home week. It was great hearing them make friends, sharing stories and laughing. It was nice to be near.

I thought about how lost tempers are probably more likely on driving commutes, and chances to get to know a neighbor and have a good time are pretty rare. I really like riding the train.