Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

We had a nice Christmas and first day of Hanukah. We all exchanged gifts, but less expensive than in past years, and made a collective donation to Habitat for Humanity’s Katrina-specific recovery efforts. We also ate almost all of two six-pound legs of lamb, a good bit of red wine, assorted delicious fresh vegetables (in […]


Turkey, dressing, gravy (mmmm, gravy…), pie… we feasted. I hope you did too, if you’re in America and were well fed if you’re not. We missed those not with us today, and thought of them, and celebrated those who were with us.

Happy Birthday to My Favorite Leo

Scripting News: 8/12/2005 Well, it’s my sister Janine’s birthday and we’re looking forward to having dinner with her and Bryan tonight to celebrate (Eclipse di Luna – ooh, yes). Jack is at Ellen’s parents’ house, and Will is with us today – at cross country practice, as I write. I hope to edit some of […]

E’s Birthday

Today is Ellen’s birthday, but we’re not celebrating together since in Arkansas. She went for our sister-in-law’s pinning ceremony – Andrea’s graduating from nursing school, and if anyone is capable of the tough love necessary to be a good nurse, it’s Andrea. A note here to say, publicly on on the site, that meeting, courting, […]


I picked every category for this post, because I don’t have one called “Overloladed.” I must winnow my to do lists to one list, remove some bookmarks that are more time-wasters than valuable (though Fafblog is too good to lose, for one), I need to backup, weed, and resinstall on my laptop, which has become […]

Going to Dragon*Con!

“Dragon*Con is America’s largest, multi-media, popular arts convention—focusing on science fiction and fantasy, gaming, comics, literature, art, music, and film.” I’m goin with Jack and Will, and with their dad – ah, the 21st-century blended family. I’m thinking art stuff for Will, gaming for Jack, that and more for Brad, their dad, and some art […]