Supper’s Ready

Sardine and avocado on sourdough with onion, lettuce, tomato, and mayo. A New Belgium Fat Tire, Arcadia by Lauren Groff, and Gracie keeping an ear cocked for the thunder.

Local News

The coffee was extra good for some reason today – maybe the preceding 9.5 hours of sleep helped. Gracie goes briefly to the vet for routine maintenance, I go pick up some newly-dry-mounted artwork at the bro-in-law’s frame shop, and we visit the neighbor who’s in the hospital (she’s just fine. Whew.). Then tonight to … Read more

Macworld | An iPhoneographer’s six favorite apps

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I used to check this site regularly, but I’ve gotten away from paying as much attention to my iPhone photos.There are 2,920 photography apps available in the App Store, and more are being added every day. Sorting through and testing each new release—every faux film filter, cropping, and tilt-shift tool—could amount to a full time … Read more