Groaning with Garden Goodness

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We just finished a late dinner, mostly of fresh vegetables from our garden and from Stu’s. I grilled zucchini, squash and peppers from our combined gardens, an onion from the store, seasoned with no more than olive oil, and served that with some steamed green beans, sliced tomatoes from our garden, and an ear of … Read more

What’s In Season?

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Metafilter had a great post on the best times of year to do or buy things: best times to travel to Dublin or Africa, best places to break up with someone, and more, including What’s In Season? from KQED. What’s in season now is our garden: plenty of tomatoes, especially cherry tomatoes, so next year … Read more

Dirt and water and light

I’m really enjoying my little garden. There are green tomatoes the size of plums already, the squash blossoms are big and bright bright yellow every morning, and we’ve made pesto with some of the basil and gazpacho with some of the parsley. I water it at least every other day, I’ve mulched successfully, I pick … Read more

Some people garden…

... and others have gardening thrust upon them. Ellen had grown some herbs for a few years outside the back deck, and last year wanted to plant sunflowers across the back of the yard. And I thought I’d grow a few tomato plants, as neighbors on either side have large gardens and often share their … Read more