What’s In Season?

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What is in season and when? Thx to the Stock Exchange for the photo

Metafilter had a great post on the best times of year to do or buy things: best times to travel to Dublin or Africa, best places to break up with someone, and more, including What’s In Season? from KQED.

What’s in season now is our garden: plenty of tomatoes, especially cherry tomatoes, so next year one more regular tomato plant and one fewer cherry tomato. The classic tomato sandwich deserves a plug here: thick tomato slices, optional thin slices of red onion, plenty off mayo and salt and pepper… aaaaahh.

The two yellow bell pepper plants have done okay, but they’re getting bugs in them. Have to let them ripen on the counter more. Ellen’s three basil plants are insane, so we’ll have pesto from the freezer often during the winter. Our neighbor Stu’s garden is going well too; lots of squash and cukes. Tomorrow I’ll see if the cantaloupe he gave me is good.

This year is my first successful garden. Makes me happy.