Groaning with Garden Goodness

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Oh, the fresh vegs were so good

We just finished a late dinner, mostly of fresh vegetables from our garden and from Stu’s. I grilled zucchini, squash and peppers from our combined gardens, an onion from the store, seasoned with no more than olive oil, and served that with some steamed green beans, sliced tomatoes from our garden, and an ear of sweet corn from the market. This last – corn from the store – is heresy to the sweet corn purists who race from the fieled with the freshly picked ears so none of the sugar can turn to starch, but even so, it was sweet corny goodness.

My moans, though, were for the tomatoes from my garden. That’s why I planted it, to taste that sweet, slightly acidy, slightly tart fresh tomato flavor. These fresh ripe garden tomatoes are almost a beverage themselves, there’s so much water in them.

Just consider me well-fed and cosmicly grateful.