Some people garden…

... and others have gardening thrust upon them.

Ellen had grown some herbs for a few years outside the back deck, and last year wanted to plant sunflowers across the back of the yard. And I thought I’d grow a few tomato plants, as neighbors on either side have large gardens and often share their extras with us. Before I knew it, Bob – a veteran gardener who has his own homemade garden shed for housing his tiller, other tools, fertilizers, and other arcana for coaxing goodness from the ground – helped me (unasked, but much appreciated) deeply till my little plot, and gave me some tomato plants, sticks for staking them, and advice. I turned some manure into the soil, planted Bob’s plants (and some geraniums to ward off tomato-eating vermin), watered them when I remembered, and for my intermittent attention we got a total of three or four edible tomatoes. That’s it. Better luck next year.

Well, it’s next year. I’d spoken a little to Bob over the hedge about our vague plans – a larger garden for more tomato plants and other vegetables, a larger flower bed for Ellen, and when the tiller was back from the shop he’d help till again. Saturday, Ellen and I went to a plant sale presented by the Georgia Native Plant Society and bought some plants we hope will take.

Tonight as we were just finishing supper, he brought his tiller around the big hedge and knocked on our back door. He dug up the old plot and an area as big again, and tilled Ellen’s flower bed. We’re set for rain in the next day or so, and Friday I’m off, so I plan to add some more fertilizer – probably manure again – and plant the garden. Wish us luck.