Details from the Ship

Taking a sail on the Privateer Lynx tomorrow afternoon. I visited the ship where it’s docked, in the Savannah River right on River Street. I spoke with several of the crew, and took a few photos. I liked this one.

“Bahamas, Baby.”

In a few weeks, we’re going to Nassau for a few days of much needed, much anticipated R and R. When we’re stressed out, we just say “Bahamas, baby!” to each other. The travel section of The New York Times and their “36 Hours In…” series comes up with some likely activities down there. They […]

A Lottery Winner’s Tale and WikiTravel

Jason Kottke pointed to “this fascinating Reddit discussion, I won a $30 million lottery jackpot and have spent the last 5 years traveling the world. I find myself contemplating what I’d do with a fortune when I see the tens of millions in lottery prizes on the billboards around town. I try not to spend […]

In L.A.

We landed in Los Angeles at midday Saturday almost a month ago, and this post has been languishing. So here’s a quick compedium of what we did our first few days. Saturday: arrived, visited, fell asleep after watching Phoebe in Wonderland Sunday: had terrific breakfast at Black Cow Cafe in Montrose: poached eggs with orange […]