An Aquatic Motif

New photos up top: the fountains at the Bellagio, dancing to Copland’s Fanfare for the Common Man, an excellent introduction; and the gondolas outside the Venezia. [Update: Nah. Got up this morning and didn’t like those. I’ll find uses for those and other images from Las Vegas, but I like these from Grand Canyon: three … Read more

We’ve Got A New Tool

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Our Valentine’s Day gift to each other, just a few days before we go to Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon. I’ve borrowed used a Nikon D70 at work several times, and it’s a sweet camera. We had long talked about wanting a new camera, one that was more responsive than the usual point and … Read more

Thinking about the Beach

So I changed the photos – the top is Jekyll Island, Georgia, about two and a half years ago, and the little pic is some flowers in a planter at Seaside, Florida. Thinking about warm weather!

iPod Wired Into a Civic Hybrid?

O’Reilly: Hacking Your Car: How to Get Clean Audio and Video Signals into Your Car Manufacturers There are only a handful of primary manufacturers in the “12V” accessory market (as they call it.) There are also a large number of one-off products designed and manufactured to solve a specific vehicle and model need, such as … Read more

World Sunlight Map: How it works –

World Sunlight Map: How it works – The World Sunlight Map provides a computer-generated approximation of what the earth currently looks like. While less impressive than actually being into orbit, this is much more accessible to most of us. I start with cloudless images of the earth during the day (from a pair of … Read more

Penny Alcohol Stove

Penny Alcohol Stove Features “The low-pressure Penny Stove is so simple that you can build a rough one on the trail with a full service knife (no insulation, epoxy, needles, or tape.) If you’ve built a stove before, this one will be a snap.” The hardest part about making this stove is emptying 3 Heineken … Read more