We’ve Got A New Tool

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Nikon D50 SLR Camera

Our Valentine’s Day gift to each other, just a few days before we go to Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon. I’ve borrowed used a Nikon D70 at work several times, and it’s a sweet camera. We had long talked about wanting a new camera, one that was more responsive than the usual point and shoot. I had more patience for the inevitable shutter lag of a point and shoot than Ellen. Once she had a chance to try the D70, with its remarkable responsiveness, an SLR seemed a good choice. The D50 has more than enough features, more than enough for any situation in which I’ll find myself, and I’m really pleased. I look forward to sharing some photos here on the site and printing some for display in the house. I’ve long wanted to create some good images, and now I have the tools. Thanks, Ellen. You are the best.