In L.A.

We landed in Los Angeles at midday Saturday almost a month ago, and this post has been languishing. So here’s a quick compedium of what we did our first few days.


  • arrived, visited, fell asleep after watching Phoebe in Wonderland
  • had terrific breakfast at Black Cow Cafe in Montrose: poached eggs with orange Hollandaise, bacon, and tomato on corn pudding, with cheddar jalapeno biscuits; a Montrose Cristo sandwich; and coffee coffee coffee
  • walked through the Montrose street market, looking at odds and ends, some craft art, and some lovely produce, fish, and other foods with a picnic in mind for this evening at the Hollywood Bowl
  • took a nap
  • met with Marlene and her friends Kevin, Jean, and Tim
  • ate like royalty before the show
  • watched Janelle Monae, Chaka Khan, and Adele perform (a wonderful show)
  • Ellen had to be at her computer at 5 a.m. local as she’s not officially on vacation until Wednesday
  • I got a hair cut and browsed a bit while she worked
  • more nap
  • met with Bob Harris, friend from JD’s movie nights in Atlanta, in his Hollywood neighborhood (across from the Scientology Celebrity Centre, ooh la la) and had a nice meal
  • took in an improv show at the Upright Citizen’s Brigade, artistic home of SNL’s Amy Poehler
  • Bob took us on an impromptu walking tour of some sights in Hollywood, including parts of the Walk of Fame, the Pantages Theater, the Arclight Dome, Amoeba Records, and then, as a nice surprise for film buffs, a walk up a hill from Sunset Boulevard to see the Alto Nida apartment building, where William Holden’s character in Sunset Boulevard, Joe Gillis, lives before taking up with Gloria Swanson’s Norma Desmond
  • after saying good night to Bob, we drove up Beachwood into the hills and found ourselves among narrow mountainous tracks, with incongruously expensive homes and cars above and below us on every curve, with rare views of the lights in the city below as punctuation

A great start.