Macworld | An iPhoneographer’s six favorite apps

I used to check this site regularly, but I’ve gotten away from paying as much attention to my iPhone photos.There are 2,920 photography apps available in the App Store, and more are being added every day. Sorting through and testing each new release—every faux film filter, cropping, and tilt-shift tool—could amount to a full time […]

Plug Computers

Have you played with one of these $100 network attached storage servers? I just found out about them today. They’re “Plug computers”—a solid-state wall-wart-sized low-power-drawing Linux server; attach a Gigabit Ethernet connection to your router and a USB drive for storage, and you’ve got file sharing and media streaming on your home LAN and over […]

Do I Want an iPhone Wiki?

I really am trying to implement a working GTD system for myself, and a wiki seems potentially very valuable, as I have many different contexts but many of them are related. I would love a wiki I mirrored/synched across iPhone, Mac, and my web space. Probably asking for too much and I don’t have the […]

Winter Home Emergency Kit – Lifehacker

Creating a home emergency kit can be a simple to enormous undertaking depending on the level of energy and preparation you want to invest into it. Most people are on the “Stay warm and fed until the power comes back on” camp, not the “Prepared for zombie apocalypse” camp, and though it never hurts to […]