Out With The Old

Saturday is one of two days a year that Decatur accepts just about any kind of electronics for recycling. We’ve got an old coffee maker that’s missing the carafe, a decrepit PC with a bad power supply, some old big batteries, cell phones, and some other odds and ends. Some of these things are toxic, […]

Two Point Seven

Installed the latest WordPress update but have had little chance to investigate. Had a permissions problem at my host but got it quickly settled. p>a href=”http://www.timmerritt.net/images/p-640-480-0f5a2926-02db-4b5f-95ea-f2b2e22a589e.jpeg”>img src=”http://www.timmerritt.net/images/p-640-480-0f5a2926-02db-4b5f-95ea-f2b2e22a589e.jpeg” alt=”” width=”225” height=”300” class=”alignnone size-full wp-image-364” />/a>/p> ————Edit – above you see the mess left when I try to create a post including a photo uploaded from the […]

It’s a MacBook Pro!

Will is setting up his new MacBook Pro. After choosing several different laptops, and even eating the cost of a Lenovo restocking fee, he chose the Mac. A key determinant: the included 8GB iPod Touch. I’m pleased, almost excessively so. It’ll be fun to watch him adapt, but difficult to keep my fat Mac-familiar nose […]

Theme Blues

I found the two-column version of the theme I use here, but it doesn’t work with this version of WordPress. I’d like to have just one sidebar… Stef was right, the second one clutters the space. It’s very difficult to find the theme I want…. That should be a hint to learn something and do […]

Well, Here I Am On Laurel

At my host, Joyent, I’ve managed to move from Harwood, a FreeBSD Linux server to Laurel, a “Shared Accelerator” on Sun Sparc hardware running OpenSolaris. Which means little to me, a n00b who knows enough to create a lot of difficulty. Once I figured out the database password confusion, this blog reappeared along with my […]