The Almost Defunct CompUSA

Our local CompUSA has reached the 30%-50% off, all-fixtures-for-sale stage of its closing. I found the RocketFM from Griffin Technology forless than $9, so I can broadcast any audio from my computer over low-power FM. With this hack I extended the range to the clock radio at the far end of the house… which means […]

Long-term backup [dive into mark]

In the post Long-term backup at [dive into mark], Mark asks, “How do you back up 100 GB of data per year for 50 years? Or even 10 years?” The comments provide a valuable snapshot of much current thinking about how and where to save data for the long term. If that data is prized […]

The Amateur Traveler Podcast – Paris

Ellen was looking around for travel information, and found The Amateur Traveler Podcast – travel for the love of it and specifically, Episode 42 – Paris, France – The City of Lights. The Amateur Traveler talks about Paris, France, the City of Lights. The show will talk about French, what to see, what to eat, […]

New Eyebones

Today is day seven with my new eyes. Lasik surgery at Emory Vision was expensive, but now I rarely need glasses to blog, or read, or do almost anything. There’s some halos around traffic lights and car lights at night, and some loss of contrast in high-contrast lighting situations, but the doctors say it should […]