Happy New Year…

...with crab cakes! Ellen and I had the house, and New Year’s Eve, to ourselves last night. We had homemade crab cakes, asparagus, salad, and peach sorbet, with a nice 2003 merlot. We welcomed the new year listening to H. Johnson’s Jazz Classics on our public radio station. His show has been on for more than 20 years, and it’s one of the many things that make Atlanta a great place to live. First song of the new year: Ray Charles’ America the Beautiful. Nice.

iPod Tips From Small Dog Electronics

This came as part of Small Dog ElectronicsKibbles and Bytes enewsletter. I’m keeping it here – below the fold – as a reference for me and for anyone who might find it useful. Thanks to Small Dog!

For iPod Newbies

A very good, very clever friend of mine was delighted to receive his first iPod this Christmas. He ripped open the package, turned the iPod on, and immediately set the language to Chinese. He does not read or speak Chinese. Rather than read the fine print in the manual, he called me to learn how to reset the iPod. He also had lots of other questions about how the iPod works – the same questions we hear everyday at Small Dog Electronics. Because many people will be receiving the iPod this holiday season, I decided to dedicate this article to answering six of these very common questions. If you are the person that all your friends call when they have ANY computer problem, hang on to this article for them! Continue reading iPod Tips From Small Dog Electronics

“Jimmy Page Was My Co-Pilot”

Jimmy Page Was My Co-Pilot
“My English teacher’s assignment was an oral report on a book of our choice. I had no trouble selecting a book, because I had just read the definitive work on one of my favorite topics: Led Zeppelin. Stephen Davis’s cheesy Led Zep biography, Hammer of the Gods, had just been published, and I probably read it front to back the day it came out.”

I loved Led Zeppelin myself. Loved them. I know they didn’t define Rock Star Excess, but they practiced it and burnished it to an excessive gleam that virtually no other band has been able to touch. Despite this and innumerable other flaws, I revere some of their early power blues, and some of the great stuff on Physical Grafitti still makes me drive fast. From Panopticist: Cultural Surveillance.

Walk the Line

Saw the Johnny Cash biopic tonight (spoiler: he marries June and sings at Folsom Prison). E and W liked it more than I did, and I liked it, but it was too… patterned. A.O. Scott describes it well in his comparison with the Rac Charles biopic: Walk the Line”offers more tribute than insight.” I recommend it, but it won’t blow you away. You will want to buy some Johnny Cash music afterward.

iPod Wired Into a Civic Hybrid?

O’Reilly: Hacking Your Car: How to Get Clean Audio and Video Signals into Your Car


There are only a handful of primary manufacturers in the “12V” accessory market (as they call it.) There are also a large number of one-off products designed and manufactured to solve a specific vehicle and model need, such as “AUX in adapters for late ‘90s Jettas” or the like.

In addition, in these niche markets, sometimes one manufacturer makes the adapter and a number of other companies buy it and put their sticker on it, but don’t actually make it. Some companies will also clone other companies’ adapters, selling knock-offs, so the standard make-sure-you-can-return-it-if-anything-goes-wrong consumer advice applies.


Here’s a list of audio adapter companies:

* http://www.aampofamerica.com/ * http://www.pac-audio.com/ * http://www.blitzsafe.com/ * http://www.soundgate.com/ * http://www.pie.net/

The Roadhouse – Blues Podcasts

The Roadhouse

We get back to the full sound of big guitars, big horns and big beats this week. Thanks to NorthernBlues, Alligator and Vanguard, there’s new music aplenty in this edition. Kenny Traylor, Charlie Musselwhite, Toni Lynn Washington, Guitar Shorty, and The Holmes Brothers take the fore, while seven more great blues artists bring up the rear. We’re having a ball this week in The Roadhouse – the finest blues you’ve never heard.
Just discovered this through a mention at Doc Searls. Looking forward to listening to this – love blues, just love’em.