Papillote and the Battle Royale

Just picked up our food for a hotel-room picnic from Papillote French Cuisine To-Go, a lovely little French kitchen near our hotel. I picked a mushroom soup (not creamy) to start, duck confit for me and a salmon and asparagus quiche for Ellen—both come with green salad and the chef’s ginger vinaigrette—and for dessert the […]

The Almost Defunct CompUSA

Our local CompUSA has reached the 30%-50% off, all-fixtures-for-sale stage of its closing. I found the RocketFM from Griffin Technology forless than $9, so I can broadcast any audio from my computer over low-power FM. With this hack I extended the range to the clock radio at the far end of the house… which means […]

Tom Waits on his cherished albums of all time

This is an old link I should have posted ages ago, from the UK’s Observer Monthy Music (“OMM”): Tom Waits on his cherished albums of all time: ‘It’s perfect madness’ In the first of an occasional series in which the greatest recording artists reveal their favourite records, Tom Waits writes about his 20 most cherished […]

Move music between drives with iTunes 7

I need to consolidate the music I’ve accumulated on the laptop drive and on one of my external backups, and boom, I come across this hint at – Easily move music between drives with iTunes 7 – in my usual semi-daily Mac news browsing. Tomorrow night, it will be done. Life is good.