About to leave to pick up my mother for her 80th birthday celebration. It’s a surprise, and my sister Janine has worked for a long while to make this happen. We’ve got a room reserved at Violette, a French restaurant well north of downtown Atlanta but still within the inner burbs. We’ll have about 70 … Read more

Papillote and the Battle Royale

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Just picked up our food for a hotel-room picnic from Papillote French Cuisine To-Go, a lovely little French kitchen near our hotel. I picked a mushroom soup (not creamy) to start, duck confit for me and a salmon and asparagus quiche for Ellen—both come with green salad and the chef’s ginger vinaigrette—and for dessert the … Read more

Blog Envy:’s`Favorite Food Blogs

Blog Envy: Tips, Tools & Ingredients : A slide show of food blogs would seem tto be too media rich; I mean, why blog about blogs with a Flash-based slide show? Oh, right, advertising. I look forward to checking out the actual blogs soon, though, as I’m at work and can’t stop to read … Read more

Mac and Cheese w/ Bacon & Tomato

Adapted from a recipe photocopied from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the date of which didn’t get copied and cannot be found on their site. Good on you, AJC! Citation requirements more or less met, on with the recipe. Mac and Cheese with Bacon and Tomato 3/4 cup bread crumbs 1-lb package cavatappi or penne pasta 2 … Read more

Savory Oatmeal: Tea and Food

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Tea and Food: Again, Savory Oatmeal was linked from a comment on an osso buco recipe posted on Mark Bittman’s NYT Bitten blog. I am going to get up from this keyboard, prep the steel cut oats in the rice cooker, and go to bed. I’ll start it when I stumble in to get my … Read more

48 Hours in Montreal: A Guide to Eating | Serious Eats

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Serious Eats is a seriously fun food blog, and while they enjoy and usually write well about fine dining, they also know how to point readers and eaters to good inexpensive eats as well. My mother – a.k.a. Mom, a.k.a. Nana – is travelling to Montreal and Quebec City with a dear friend from Switzerland … Read more