Macworld | An iPhoneographer’s six favorite apps

I used to check this site regularly, but I’ve gotten away from paying as much attention to my iPhone photos.There are 2,920 photography apps available in the App Store, and more are being added every day. Sorting through and testing each new release—every faux film filter, cropping, and tilt-shift tool—could amount to a full time […]

A Quiet Night Walk

It’s just past 10:30 on Saturday night and I’m just back from walking Gracie. Early in the walk I was musing on the dinner party I’d gone to with Ellen and the folks we visited with, and the fact that when we came home we found that Gracie had chewed up the nozzle of a […]

Gracie Says “Hi!”

Today we welcomed Gracie to the family. She’s a 5-year-old brindle greyhound who raced successfully for a long time in Florida and had her last race in January. The group that offers the dogs for adoption has lots of info, and screened us pretty well to make sure we’re committed to the needs of a […]

Someone New

We are going to see if we can adopt a greyhound tomorrow. We’ve been talking about it for a few months now, ever since we saw some adoptable greyhounds one Saturday at a Petco. Ellen’s already spotted a few eligible dogs, to the right, which she found here. Ellen loves the idea that they mostly […]