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Midge may be joining our family

We are going to see if we can adopt a greyhound tomorrow. We’ve been talking about it for a few months now, ever since we saw some adoptable greyhounds one Saturday at a Petco. Ellen’s already spotted a few eligible dogs, to the right, which she found here.

Caramel is another possibility
Ellen loves the idea that they mostly want to lie around for up to 16 hours a day, and get hugs and take a walk here and there. I kind of hope we can get a second one – these folks say that two keep each other company very well for working people. There are dozens of videos about greyhound adoption, too. I haven’t lived with a dog since before I was out of high school, and I’m pretty pleased with the idea.

The adoption folks seem devoted to helping adopters find suitable dogs, and adoptable dogs find suitable owners. It’s remarkable how committed they are, and it seems that greyhounds make terrific companion dogs. More to come!