Paris Restaurant Tips by BeatChick –

Home sick today from work and poking around the web, I followed a link to cautions about pickpockets abroad. A search for Paris pickpocket led to Virtual Tourist, a site with thousands of members worldwide sharing their experiences. After learning not to leave my bags unattended, to keep my hand on my wallet in the […]

ZipLens – Online Lens Rentals

Came across a pointer in the TextDrive forums to this very cool looking online lens rental service, ZipLens. I want to try out a fast normal lens, like this Sigma 30mm f14. It would be $25 for a week, and they’re offering $5.00 discounts through the end of the year.

This French

English journalist Craig McGinty blogs about life in France at This French Life. Ironically, I found This French Life not while looking up travel information. No, it came up while while looking for advice on septic tank maintenance, and how nice that he’s posted information about caring for them in France, complete with local product […]

Some Paris Links

A quick list of links E found; have to close her browser, but don’t want to lose these. Marriott Rewards Paris Eiffel Tower News, a blog by a frequent Paris traveller A Romantic Paris Vacation Anthony Atkielski on Paris Fast Food Anthony Atkielski’s Paris FAQ

What not to do in France

Behave, baby. Wikipedia’s list of French faux pas. Here’s one: “Like in many languages featuring a T-V distinction, addressing people with the familiar “tu” (like in Middle English thou) when they should be addressed with “vous” (_you_) is seen as derogatory, insulting, or even aggressive. Conversely, addressing familiars with “vous” is considered snobbish and introduces […]

Paris la Nuit

More romanticism about Paris from the New York Times. Paris at night has the irrational power to trigger the imaginations of even ordinary folks. There are always Parisians who leave open the window shutters of their living rooms, allowing passersby to peek inside. The often high ceilings and tall windows offer glimpses of crystal chandeliers […]

FSI Language Courses

Nice find, this: Language Courses from the U.S. Foreign Service, including text and audio files free for the download; apparently in the public domain, having been produced with American taxpayer dollars.