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BeatChick, also known as Mary Connolly, from Ohio, USA

Home sick today from work and poking around the web, I followed a link to cautions about pickpockets abroad. A search for Paris pickpocket led to Virtual Tourist, a site with thousands of members worldwide sharing their experiences. After learning not to leave my bags unattended, to keep my hand on my wallet in the Metro, and avoind people trying to help remove daubs of condiments or pigeon crap from my clothes, I came across Paris Restaurant Tips by BeatChick I’m enjoying her first-hand recommendations for places to go and see and dine. Virtual Tourist is a large site full of first-hand accounts from real enthusiasts; it doesn’t seem slick or too packaged.

I’m getting excited about going.

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  1. Thank you, dear Tim – I greatly appreciate the nod! Should you have any further questions about Paris please feel free to write. It’s my favorite city in the world and I’m happy to talk about it!! :)

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