John Kerry: The Most Liberal Senator? An Analysis

John Kerry: The Most Liberal Senator? An Analysis He is not the most liberal senator. No he is not. Follow the link to deconstruct the latest right-wing talking point that’s been taken out of context; repeated as truth by the vice president; it’s false, and they know it.

Failure Is Not an Option, It’s Mandatory

Failure Is Not an Option, It’s Mandatory. Thomas Frank asserts the failure of the proposed Federal Marriage Amendment was planned, to appeal to the conservative base, and to show the “control” of society by “liberal elites.” He’s got a plausible point.

Old Soldiers–by Tony Hendra

Another Harper’s piece by Tony Hendra: Old Soldiers, honoring the remaining survivors of the International Brigades who fought against Franco and the fascists in the Spanish Civil War. .


I’ve been accumulating drafts of links I want to remember, things I want to comment on, sites I want to explore but haven’t gone back to. So, some catch-up in the posts to come.

Posting all over

I’m posting from the blog workshop in New Orleans, and this makes… at least five blogs I could post to. I’ve already posted on three and commented on two others.