Help Wanted: Wolfman

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Be the Wolfman at Clark's Trading Post

Clark’s Trading Post needs a new Wolfman! Auditions are this weekend. The Union leader has a story here. I know Janine and Janne used to drive by Clark’s and scream “Free the bears!” and that Janine at least has taught her kids to do the same….

I found the link at Making Light, a website I read pretty regularly. It’s a group blog mainly written and edited by a couple who are both editors at Tor Books, one of the biggest SF publishers. Another of the regular contributors is Jim MacDonald military officer and a current Nationally Registered Wilderness EMT-I who lives in New Hampshire and often writes at Making Light about life in the Granite State. He’s an EMT (and publishes fascinating posts at Making Light about emergency care for lay people), a published SF author, and all-around Smart Person.