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Our Civic and the red car that hit us

Had a car wreck today with Jack in the car – as far as we know now, nothing worse than a bump on my head from one of those hand-holds on the interior of the car right above the door – mild concussion, a gash with 8 staples in it, a little stiffness, and burn on the back of my hand from the airbag (who knew they could burn you?). Jack’s just a little bruised. The car is totalled; the other car crossed the median from the northbound side of Peachtree Industrial and T-boned our Civic. Fortunately most of the impact seems to have been on the left front wheel, and less on the driver’s side door with me right on the other side of it. Don’t know much about the other folks; apparently they went to another hospital.

Poor Ellen heard it happen over the phone; she was in Dallas TX and due to return midday, and was talking to Jack when the other car came our way. She heard him say “Oh s—-”, heard the impact, Jack saying to me “Oh my god, Tim” a couple of times, and me disoriented and moaning. Then the connection broke. I saw the car just before it hit, and the next thing I knew was realizing the airbags had opened and that the red stuff on them was blood from my head.

We got out of the car – I couldn’t open my door, and remember realizing I had to get out on Jack’s side, but I don’t remember doing it. A guy who saw the wreck helped me out on the passenger side, Jack tells me. Jack also immediately called 911, and I suppose some other folks did too, as police and EMTs were there within minutes. I had time to call Ellen back and let her know we were both okay, but it was quite traumatic for her, not knowing for those minutes what had happened to us.

May you never have an ambulance ride to a hospital while strapped to a backboard. It wasn’t awful, though; I just wish the necessity of it on no one. The EMTs, Ashley and Portia, were very good, though they cut our clothes off – we were in just our boxers for a while (mothers everywhere, know that we had clean underwear on). Jack seemed fine, but I’m guessing they did it to him because they thought he was a hottie. (Joke.) A few hours in the emergency room – we got into exam rooms immediately – then waits for for X-rays and a CAT scan for me and then the staples in the gash on my head.

All told I got home about 6 hours after the wreck, had something to eat, and slept the rest of the afternoon away. Now I’m ignoring work email.

I’ve posted pictures. We had our camera in the car, and while the EMTs were strapping me to the backboard just in case, I had Jack take some shots. He was great – calm throughout. I hope the other folks are okay. Altogether more than enough excitement for the month.

Update: Apparently, comments are broken. Working to fix this. Thanks to all who wrote to say so.