Links for Ellen’s Office Mac

I’m excited about the computer they gave Ellen at UGA – it’s a Mac with OS X! I’m going to Athens with her tomorrow, and while she’s in a meeting I’m going to see how it’s set up and see what I can do to make the Win-Mac transition easier for her. She’s already started using FileMaker Pro (she needed a cross-platform database app since she has XP at home) and likes it very much. So, no “there’s no Access on the Mac” issues.

Here’s a list of links that I hope will be of use:

O’Reilly’s Mac Directory

O’Reilly’s Ease into the Switch, which includes a nice printable guide to keyboard shortcuts.

Here’s Apple’s switching guide and their Switch Support site, with more specifics.

Here’s a tip: put the Applications folder in the Dock so all apps are easy to find.

We need to get her a USB key too.

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  1. Oh ho! As I sometimes contemplate switching to Mac, only to convince myself that I’m too old to change, reading this makes me think that maybe – just maybe – I should start to program my thinking for a possible switch at my next purchase. Am I overcoming my inertia, or merely succumbing to an emerging penchant for masochism? Hmmmmmm?

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