Free National Park iPhone Apps

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Screenshot of a map from the Grand Canyon app, courtesy of Chimani

I love National Parks, and I like what my iPhone makes possible. This is a nice freebie.

TUAW: Chimani National Park Guides free for iPhone until April 24

The Chimani Guides are really first rate apps at US$4.99 – $9.99, but in celebration of National Park Week, they are free from now until April 24. A good deal at the regular price, they are certainly worth a download for free.

There is one app for each of these parks: Arcadia, Cape Cod National Seashore, Yosemite, Cuyahoga Valley and the Grand Canyon. The apps contain lots of photos, descriptions of hiking trails, restroom and parking guides, and details on lodging, camping and restaurants. There are detailed maps, and the apps use GPS to locate you. The apps also contain an audio driving tour and a look at scheduled events in the park you are visiting. For photographers, there are sunrise and sunset times and some optional push notifications alerting you to important park events.

Frankly, travel apps don’t get much better than these, and I’m thrilled these apps are free for now. Some features require GPS and a 3G or Wi-Fi connection, and the downloads are sizable. The Grand Canyon app is 132 MB and Yosemite is 334 MB, so be sure you have room for them. I love finding great quality, free stuff for our readers, and this series of apps is a perfect example. If you’re headed to any of these parks, grab one or more.