New Eyebones

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My right eye

Today is day seven with my new eyes. Lasik surgery at Emory Vision was expensive, but now I rarely need glasses to blog, or read, or do almost anything. There’s some halos around traffic lights and car lights at night, and some loss of contrast in high-contrast lighting situations, but the doctors say it should improve. My eyes get dry a lot now; that’s normal after the surgery for a while as well, they say, and I’m putting drops in all the time. I found sites with complaints from people unhappy with their laser eye surgery; I think I’m happy with mine.

Why do I only think I’m happy? It’s a big change, and I find I miss the feeling of my glasses. My face feels oddly naked, and I miss having them to manipulate when I’m thinking or talking. When my eyes are tired or dry or both, it’s a little harder to read traffic signs far away than when I had my glasses, but when I’m fresh it’s amazing. I have a pair of Ellen’s store-bought reading glasses (+1.75) with small lenses and purple metal frames for close viewing. They make close fine work razor sharp.

When I use the computer though, I find myself holding my head at the angle I needed when I wore glasses. I still think about it all the time. Overall, I like it, and I look forward to getting used to it.