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The Great Risk Shift by Jacob Hacker

This is an idea that’s been buzzing in my head since I came across it: that the conservative movement has been, except for the religious zealotry, a move to transfer risk from large organizations (corporations, government) to individuals. Can’t recall where I first read about it, and though I believed it must have been an earlier post about Jacob Hacker on Crooked Timber, I couldn’t find it in time for this post.

Crooked Timber Reviews Jacob Hacker’s The Great Risk Shift

It’s an engaging idea, a “frame” for the issue that makes sense to me as a way to resist the often false choices that the government’s policy changes have forced on us, the citizens. Read the review at Crooked Timber, and the comments. I haven’t re-read it all yet with the attention it deserves. I hope to revisit this idea and flesh out some of my own responses.