The Oyster Is His World – New York Times

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Oysters on the half shell

R.W. Apple writes about John Rowley in The Oyster Is His World, and reading it, for a moment, I wished it was mine too. John Rowley has made a career and a calling of advocating for and raving about oysters, and to me, that’s one of those “Dang, that’s a great job!” jobs. Ah well.

Oysters – I love them. I love them to the point of becoming stupid about them at times. I love them smoked – the first way I could eat them as a boy in land-locked Atlanta despite oyster-loving parents – and in stews and fried. I especially love them on the half-shell. And yes, I chew them. Slo-o-owly and lovingly.

MFK Fisher's Consider the Oyster

I find that I have not read much of the literary oyster canon (see this list of suggested oyster books on CuisineNet). I have however read one of the most important and enjoyable books of any type, M.F.K. Fisher’s Consider the Oyster.
It’s a superb little book, and if you don’t know Fisher’s writing, a very good introduction to her. Just be advised, you’ll be hungry.

In searching for a bookstore link to the book, I came across several sites that refer to her and her books (including CuisineNet, linked above) and several were also thoughtful writers about food and hunger and human appetites. More on food blogs another time.

Oyster photo: Ron Wurzer for The New York Times.

[Update: Just after posting this, I found the site of the MFK Fisher Foundation, sponsored by Les Dames d’Escoffier International, which includes tributes and information about her work.]