Walter Murch Keynotes Digital Video Expo West 2004

Polymath and editing demi-god Walter Murch holds forth at a digital video conference in a Flash video stream – here’s a direct link to the stream. Murch created the terms “sound designer” and “sound montage,” won an Oscar for Best Sound for Apocalypse Now, dual Oscars for The English Patient (Editing and Sound Editing), Oscar noms for The Conversation and other films, and did the restoration film and sound editing for the 1998 re-release of Touch of Evil. BTW “sound montage” in The Conversation’s credits is an accurate description. And remember: it was 1974, and this meant miles of tape and razor blades for crying out loud. There was a group of terrific conversations on various NPR programs a few years ago. On Fresh Air, I believe, he spoke with with Anthony Minghella about editing choices in The English Patient, specifically the interrogation scene with Willem Defoe. Fascinating and illuminating.