Contextual Menu Workshop

Contextual Menu Workshop
OnMyCommandCM is a UNIX CLI and AppleScript executor. Your command may take a clicked object as a parameter so you may perform an action on file, folder or text. A command can be executed in terminal, silently or with output window. But the best part is that you are building your own command, your own Contextual Menu Item. You type your command once and then it is just a click away!
For more information on building command descriptions see Command Description Manual.
Sources are included with Contextual Menu Workshop

Adam Curry: iPod as a Platform

Adam Curry’s Weblog

Links to scripts that can take an audio file and automatically upload it for you, and others that can find them in RSS feeds and automatically download them for you, put them on your iPod when you sync, and bling you’ve got the latest news/music/whatever with minimal hassle.

It’s still too difficult, but having minds like Adam’s and Dave Winer’s (through whose blog i found the link) on this make it more likely it’ll become much easier.

Links for Ellen’s Office Mac

I’m excited about the computer they gave Ellen at UGA – it’s a Mac with OS X! I’m going to Athens with her tomorrow, and while she’s in a meeting I’m going to see how it’s set up and see what I can do to make the Win-Mac transition easier for her. She’s already started using FileMaker Pro (she needed a cross-platform database app since she has XP at home) and likes it very much. So, no “there’s no Access on the Mac” issues.

Here’s a list of links that I hope will be of use:

O’Reilly’s Mac Directory

O’Reilly’s Ease into the Switch, which includes a nice printable guide to keyboard shortcuts.

Here’s Apple’s switching guide and their Switch Support site, with more specifics.

Here’s a tip: put the Applications folder in the Dock so all apps are easy to find.

We need to get her a USB key too.