Fun iPod Tricks Fun iPod Tricks
An iPod is more than just a music player; it’s an Information device. Not only can you use your iPod to play music from your favorite singer or band, you can use it to listen to radio recordings, listen to “audio weblogs” (known as podcasts), and more. In this article I’ll show you some tips for getting the most out of your iPod. I’ll also explain how to manipulate the files stored on your iPod.

Ray Miller’s Class is here….

I’m showing off how to blog to this group of Doctoral Students. Ray Miller’s class, whom I see every two years or so, is always a challenging group. I get to rant and they think they’ve learned something. Everyone is happy.

William Gibson returns to blogging.


Because the United States currently has, as Jack Womack so succintly puts it, a president who makes Richard Nixon look like Abraham Lincoln.

And because, as the Spanish philospher Unamuno said, “At times, to be silent is to lie.”

What he said.