Cutting back.

I can’t promise, but I plan to avoid all my usual political blogs this week. Hoping for bliss of a kind from this temporary bout of willful ignorance. Wish me luck or fortitude or something like that.

What You Do

You take your potatoes from last night’s dinner, see, and cut them a bit smaller while the onion is going all golden in the olive oil (smell that; mmmmm). You put the potatoes in with the onions and step out to the garden for a little sprig of rosemary. Snip some of it the rosemary […]

There’s a Draft in Here….

It’s the beginning of my winter break. I don’t go back to the office until January 4th. Between now and then, my plan is to vet my mountain of “Ooh – this is an interesting post/cool picture/funny video/infuriating political piece/yummy-sounding recipe” drafts and at least get it to manageable size, and to post some of […]