I was looking at it some more today – there can be multiple authors via email, but it seems only one phone number per posterous site.


 Do this: set up a Posterous for the class. Give each student her own Posterous and subscribe the main one to their posts. This email is a test; I’ve created a second Posterous at and subscribed to it at I’m CC’ing this email to the DVforteachers one to see if it shows up on the other. In a minute, I’ll send an SMS to this one to see if it too shows up on the other.

At 3:26 PM -0700 8/26/09, Hilary Wilder wrote:
>it seems as though I can make a group blog, but can one post to it >via SMS or does it have to be via email?
>From: Tim Merritt
>To: Hilary Wilder
>Sent: Tuesday, August 25, 2009 2:18:56 PM
>Subject: REVIEW: Posterous makes blogging easier than ever :: >CHICAGO SUN-TIMES :: Andy Ihnatko
>Might Posterous work for you? Your students would have to email from >their phones, but it might do all you want it to since it can tie >into so many other services.

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