Profile: Ruth Schmitt, war protester | Fresh Loaf

Ruth Schmitt gets well-deserved recognition at Creative Loafing’s Fresh Loaf blog. Profile: Ruth Schmitt, war protester briefly explains her background and her participation in six and a half years of anti-war protest at Colony Square. She’s a friend and fellow parishioner at North Decatur Presbyterian Church. Go, Ruth! Thanks to CL for the pic.

Tim and TMI

I sent Stefan “a link to David Foster Wallace’s introduction to the 2007 edition of Best American Essays. I have enjoyed his magazine pieces, and own two of his books, so I sent the link unread with a promise to him to come back to it later. Stef sent back a grumpy rant about the […]

You’ll be glad you watched this.

I have my hosting for this site and some others at Textdrive, which has an active, informative, and entertaining forum. I’ve learned a lot there about hosting web sites from the generous and talented people, customers and employees, that post there. It is a real community. I particularly enjoy the off-topic area known ast Textdrivel, […]

Happy Almost New Year

Just a moment to wish all a Happy New Year for 2007. Many changes and new things are coming for me and my family, and I wish us and you the strength and wisdom to meet what comes with equanimity and even joy. Embrace it when you can, tolerate it when you need to, endure […]

russell davies: how to be interesting

I had seen several links to this Russell Davies post on PopUrls, and finally followed it. I may make this my home page, it’s so good and inspiring. Before following the link, I expected a guide to being interesting, but it’s really about being interested – ten suggestions for living in a more engaged and […]