Absorbing Photoshop World

It’s shortly before the post-lunch session on day 3 of the conference. I have learned a lot, have a book of workshop handouts as bigg as a phone book, and there’s much more to come. Among the important things I’ve learned here: shoot a lot; shoot RAW if possible, thought JPEG isn’t filthy awful rotten […]

Nous sommes arrivee

Ellen and I are in the Air France arrivals lounge after a remarkably good flight. Business class is all it’s cracked up to be. The French keyboard on this iMac is quite different from the American layout. Odd. I hve to use the shift key to type a period, the a and q keys are […]

You’ll be glad you watched this.

I have my hosting for this site and some others at Textdrive, which has an active, informative, and entertaining forum. I’ve learned a lot there about hosting web sites from the generous and talented people, customers and employees, that post there. It is a real community. I particularly enjoy the off-topic area known ast Textdrivel, […]

Change Image Resolution Without Changing Quality

The Reality of Resizing: Changing Image Resolution without Changing Quality | Layers Magazine Possibly one of the most confusing aspects of dealing with digital imagery is resolution-specifically, what it really is and how changing it affects an image. You’d be shocked at the number of brilliant designers who don’t know how to change an image […]

ZipLens – Online Lens Rentals

Came across a pointer in the TextDrive forums to this very cool looking online lens rental service, ZipLens. I want to try out a fast normal lens, like this Sigma 30mm f14. It would be $25 for a week, and they’re offering $5.00 discounts through the end of the year.

Color spaces and you

With the D50, I’m trying to figure out the color space settings, and it looks as though I need to do things differently if I’m going to print and if I’m going to the web. Sensible… but a clear explanation (or more precisely, choosing a search query that reveals a clear explanation) has been hard […]