Creative Loafing Atlanta | FLICKS | KISS KISS BANG BANG “The foundation of American cinema is crime. One of film history’s most important early films, Edwin S. Porter’s 1903 silent The Great Train Robbery, was a crime story featuring the adrenaline rush of a robber pointing his gun directly at the audience. The taste for […]

Walter Murch Keynotes Digital Video Expo West 2004

Polymath and editing demi-god Walter Murch holds forth at a digital video conference in a Flash video stream – here’s a direct link to the stream. Murch created the terms “sound designer” and “sound montage,” won an Oscar for Best Sound for Apocalypse Now, dual Oscars for The English Patient (Editing and Sound Editing), Oscar […]

Isfahan Movie Index

Isfahan The Movie: “an animated film inspired by the Persian architecture.” Stefan recommended it. I’ll reward myself with a viewing and a post when I’m done editing a video for the college.

John Sayles’ Matewan

At J.D.’s, our group watched Matewan, about the 1920’s effort to organize the coal mines. I can only paraphrase Sayles’ comments in the production notes from the DVD, but the combination of capitalist greed at its most rapacious and a violent leftist populism makes for a powerful and disturbing story. Capitalism brings wealth and benefits […]

Danny Boyle’s ‘Millions’

My friend Al asked me to join him at a preview of Danny Boyle’s Millions, a wonderful movie about saints, trains, a 7-year-old Manchester boy, the huge amount of money that literally lands on him, and all the complications that ensue. I had heard nothing of the movie, but Al told me that the NY […]

Oikocredit and Super Size Me

For the Sunday School film class, we considered Super Size Me (IMDB listing, review at, a documentary in which a young filmmaker tests McDonald’s claims about the nutrition of their food by eating nowhere but McDonald’s for 30 days. McDonald’s here is but one componont of the food industry, and there’s considerable information in […]


I picked every category for this post, because I don’t have one called “Overloladed.” I must winnow my to do lists to one list, remove some bookmarks that are more time-wasters than valuable (though Fafblog is too good to lose, for one), I need to backup, weed, and resinstall on my laptop, which has become […]

Cartoon Brew

Cartoon Brew was linked from BoingBoing. Wow – I’ve loved cartoons, like most other people, since I was a little kid. This is a site about the art, ideology and craft of cartoonns, with interviews and stills. Sigh. I have another subject and a site devoted to it that I won’t have adequate time to […]