The New Old Look

After reading some help files, I made some guesses that worked out, and the familiar look here is back, but with the “Pages” navigation at top left that makes it easier to find the separate pages regarding Sunday School, individual films, and so on. I’ve made a brief page for Hoop Dreams, and will add […]

Crash discussion coming Sunday

I’ll have links to readings about this Oscar winnah in another day or so. I’ll send an email to the group when they’re up. I also sent an email with links to the Probing Questions handout from the Ransom Fellowship site.

Brokeback Mountain

It’s not a book, really, it’s a short story first published in the New Yorker. I haven’t read it yet, though I’ve saved it as a PDF. I had come across some buzz about the movie here and there, and Jason Kottke linked to the story at the New Yorker. It’s directed by Ang Lee, […]

Walk the Line

Saw the Johnny Cash biopic tonight (spoiler: he marries June and sings at Folsom Prison). E and W liked it more than I did, and I liked it, but it was too… patterned. A.O. Scott describes it well in his comparison with the Rac Charles biopic: Walk the Line”offers more tribute than insight.” I recommend […] Mad About Movies

This is precious. Mad About Movies “The Trailer Looks Good….” That’s how people often justify their itch to see a movie that is obviously awful. To give you an idea of how easy it is to manipulate a movie so that it comes off well in a trailer, check out this work of sheer […]