Why is this man smiling?

Like he needs a reason…. How about Ellen is finally home after an eight-day trip around south Georgia? Welcome back, honey. Posted via email from timmerritt’s posterous

Hmm. Blogs Narrow. Must Widen.

If I’m going to post more pictures right from my phone, I’ll need a wider column for my posts on my WordPress blogs so they don’t seem to stick out all over. No biggie on facebook, which shrinks ‘em down, and on Posterous there’s lots of room. Ah, it never ends. But it’s fun to […]

No Yelling Any More.

The last few posts were via SMS and they all came up in caps. Not pretty. Have to find out about that, but in the meantime, it’s posting via email only. Here’s another pic for the heck of it. Some lines and angles around the College of Education: Posted via email from timmerritt’s posterous

Praise the Lowered

This photo is from a custom bicycle contest at Venice Beach last year—two-wheeled low-riders. Nice! This post is also a test of integrating my Posterous site with Facebook and my other blogs. Thanks for going along! Posted via email from timmerritt’s posterous


I was looking at it some more today – there can be multiple authors via email, but it seems only one phone number per posterous site.  BUT…  Do this: set up a Posterous for the class. Give each student her own Posterous and subscribe the main one to their posts. This email is a test; […]