Out With The Old

Saturday is one of two days a year that Decatur accepts just about any kind of electronics for recycling. We’ve got an old coffee maker that’s missing the carafe, a decrepit PC with a bad power supply, some old big batteries, cell phones, and some other odds and ends. Some of these things are toxic, […]

On the Train

An interesting commute on the train this morning. Well down the platform from where I came up, a guy was yelling and cursing at someone I couldn’t see. He stopped after I think less than a minute. I felt a little anxious and hoped it wouldn’t be a fight, but nothing came of it. I […]

Positively Atlanta Georgia

Well, howdy-do John Christopher Burns, fellow Atlanta blogger, fellow WordPress user, and fellow TextDriver/Joyeur.His blog is Positively Atlanta Georgia. He’s been rebuilding his house after the March tornadoes, and he’s been making progress. Good on you, neighbor, and we wish you continued success.

Fall’n into the sere, the yellow leaf

Maybe it’s a bit strong to compare the drought here to the plight of murderous Macbeth, but things are in a sorry state in the south. I’ve been saying Atlanta’s weather has been like southern California’s, dry and not too hot for the last several weeks. Except we don’t have desert and sagebrush and rattlesnakes […]